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Fentanyl Residue Test Kit – Box of 2


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SafeCheck Fentanyl Test Strips are designed and assessed for detecting fentanyl in pills, powders, residue, and urine. Our tests require minimal equipment and provide quick, accurate results.

Each test strip pouch is labeled with a QR code for detailed instructions to use the test, along with a instructional guide included in each box. Also included is ( 1 ) 10 mg micro scoop for measuring. For more precise measurements, use a milligram scale.

Note: Not all fentanyl test strips on the market are intended for harm reduction purposes. SafeCheck test strips are tested to detect fentanyl in pills, powders, and urine.


What are Fentanyl Test Strips?

SafeCheck Fentanyl test strips are a form of drug testing technology which can detect the presence of fentanyl in drug samples prior to use. Fentanyl Test Strips are a reliable, common-sense means of providing people at risk of fentanyl exposure with more information that can decrease risk of overdose. These test strips use the same easy-to-use technology that is found in pregnancy tests and recently COVID-19 tests. Included with each box is Fentanyl Test Strips along with a 10mg micro scoop, which is used for measuring precise sample sizes for accurate results.

How much sample is required for a test?

SafeCheck Fentanyl test strips require only a small amount of a substance in order to test, however we recommend testing an entire batch for the most accurate results. The test requires a minimum of 10-50 mg of substance, depending on the type of substance you are testing. Testing  a substance does not destroy or ruin it. After you have completed testing your batch, simply boil off the water used to dilute it.

How to use a SafeCheck Fentanyl Test Strip

All SafeCheck test kits come with instructions in the box. In addition, we provide QR codes with instructions for the sample collection method. Testing a substance for the presence of fentanyl requires only a few steps:

1. Dilute substance with water.

2. Dip the test strip into the solution for 15 seconds.

3. Wait 2-5 minutes and read the results.

DEA Laboratory Testing Reveals that 6 out of 10 Fentanyl-Laced Fake Prescription Pills Now Contain a Potentially Lethal Dose of Fentanyl

Fast, Easy & Private

Step 1

Dilute the substance you are testing with water, with the method outlined in the instructions

Step 2

Dip the test strip into the solution for 15 seconds

Step 3

Read the results. 2 lines indicates the substance is negative for fentanyl, 1 line indicates positive for fentanyl


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